Nightlife Events – Distilled spirits, beer and ale or fine wine?

For those who enjoy a night out on the town, it is not a big secret that the consumption of alcohol is one of the activities that people take pleasure in.  An important question on any given night is which type to indulge? According to IBISWorld’s Bars and Nightclubs in the US Industry Report (August 2016), 35.4% of sales is from distilled spirit drinks, while 33.6% of sales is from beer and ale and 7.7% of sales is from wine. Numbers do not lie, but the reasoning behind these numbers could prove to be in contrast with the current supply/demand business practice. So I ask, what type of alcohol do you consume and why? And, is what you consume different from what you actually prefer?


 Published May 01, 2017

One thought on “Blog

  1. Great question – I think most people consume based on the hype, opinions, influence, and promotional values from both peers and corporate brand marketing. And because of that, they never really explore many of the available options.
    Most social drinkers consume all of the above – but if you going to niche it out then I think it’s based on the mode and mood – and the tone and culture of the event or occasion. For example; I will more so have the taste for beer if it’s sport orientated, wine if the theme is more so upscale and couture…and harder alcohol for formal or even special occasions especially after a very long day. It’s not a gender game, but I think most men will consume beer and spirits over wine. But if were to choose it will be between beer and distilled spirit. Why…because beer is an “in between” beverage – refreshing when icy cold and is not as strong as spirits and not as sweet or formal as wine… and because unlike wines, most spirits are mixable and less sweet when compared to wines.


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